Module #3: “The Elements Of Style”

As opposed to writing in one’s authentic voice, style is a manipulation of language and syntax to create something unique in literature. We’ll examine four stylists each noted for their unique syntactical gifts, and we’ll practice writing in each of their styles in order to find an amalgam to craft our own unique style. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a style named after you, like: Kafkesque, Dickensian, Faulknerian, Joycian, Switftian, Hemingwayesque, Jamesian, etc.

The “B-Side” Class was a game changer for me. The approach to character development was unique, thought provoking and simply fun! I came out of the course with two characters that I am now incorporating into a Novella and Stage Play. Jack’s knowledge and insights were motivating and supportive. My personal breakthrough occurred with the Third person exercise. I valued this course and would consider taking it again. Bravissimo!

Suzanne Limoziniere, writer and producer