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My classes are not traditional “lecture” classes. They often run for more than 3 hours, but you’re not expected to be there for more than 3 hours. Some students come early and leave early, while others mozey in later and leave later. Whatever time you come/log in, figure you’ll be there for 2½ to 3 hours. In that time, you will hear 8 to 10 people read their work, get feedback, and you will read assigned work, get feedback, etc. So if a class runs from 8am to 1pm, you can mozey in at 8am and leave at 11am, or saunter in at 9am and skedaddle at 12noon or tip-toe in at 10am and sneak out at 1pm. We’re flexible and loosey-goosey. This may seem confusing at first, but it’s really quite simple and allows for everyone’s shifting schedules. Furthermore, if you can’t come to your scheduled class on any given week, you can attend any one of the other classes that week or come to two classes the following week.

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*No Class Nov 25th Thanksgiving.