Method Writing:
The “Brush-Up” Class
taught by Lisa Segal

Pre-requisite: you must have taken the Level One Method Writing Class.

There are three ways to take METHOD WRITING: “The Brush-Up”: a 5-week course taught by Lisa Segal. Class offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays (see schedule below option descriptions).

1) Basic Brush-Up: This reinforces the First Level Method Writing concepts (Write Like You Talk, Massaging a Transformation Line, Image-Moment, Dreaded Association) and allows you to explore them further. Whether you’ve just finished taking Jack’s Level One course in Method Writing, or if you haven’t taken a Method Writing class in years and feel the need to “brush-up” on the “First Four Concepts,” this class will reconnect you to the Method and re-activate your creative process. Lisa will take you through these concepts, working especially on the many variations, permutations, and combinations of Image-Moment. All exercises are based on explorations of Image-Moment.

2) Advanced Concepts + Basic Brush-Up: This adds Advanced exercises to the Basic Brush-Up exercises. For those that return to the Brush-Up, there is a review of Advanced Level concepts in addition to continuing to work the Image-Moment exercises. Those will remain the same, but you’ll have an opportunity to add a new layer to them. You’ll also practice concepts that correspond to the regular Method Writing levels you’ve taken.  

a) Level Two: Straight Talk, Lost World, Read & Sung, Absence of Field

b) Level Three: Teeth & Mouth, Surrealism

c) Level Four: Muses

d) Other Level: (of your choice)

3) Advanced Concept (of your choice): This focuses on the Level or concept of your choice only (but you will also have the benefit of much class discussion about the truly most Advanced Concepts of Level One).

A great way to fine tune your creative muscles!

Re-ignite your literary inspiration!

Explore the nuts & bolts of Image-Moment!

Kick your Method into high gear!

Activate your stories and poems!

Make new friends, learn to tango!

You will learn to use Image-Moment to create dramatic pacing of scenes and compelling cinematic moments in any and all narrative, be it story, poems, memoirs, etc. You will expand your Method Writing toolkit and take your writing to an even deeper level.

Until further notice, all classes will be held via the ZOOM platform. Interested? Questions? The contact form is after the schedule.





Spring 2024

Tuesdays: 11am to 2pm, June 4th to July 2nd

5 weeks, $345

Thursdays: 2pm to 5pm, June 6th to July 4th

5 weeks, $345

____________________________ ______

Summer 2024

Tuesdays: 11am to 2pm, Sept. 3rd to Oct. 1st

5 weeks, $345

Thursdays: 2pm to 5pm, Sept. 5th to Oct. 3rd

5 weeks, $345

____________________________ ______

Fall 2024

Tuesdays: 11am to 2pm, Nov. 26th to Dec. 24th

5 weeks, $345

Thursdays: 2pm to 5pm, Nov. 28th to Dec. 26th

5 weeks, $345


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