Lucia Lemieux

In the forward to her first collection of poetry, “Writing on Eggshells,” ONTHEBUS editor Jack Grapes said this of Lucia Lemieux: “She shares the words we all struggle with – and comes up singing.” The journey of being, the search for purpose, the meaning behind our earth-bound lives are just some of the themes Lucia explores in her work. Lucia believes that each artist holds a piece of the puzzle called the universe, and has a duty to express it. “Rollo May says it takes courage to create,” Lucia says, “and that’s because creating requires us not only to be truthful, but to be true to ourselves. That’s never easy. But the attempt, the encounter, is requisite to an artful life.” If Lucia’s work seems filmlike, it’s not surprising: she received her M.F.A. from the American Film Institute and has written and produced several short films and documentaries.”

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