Susan Toni Weinberg

Born in Providence, RI, in 1943, Su lived in Brooklyn and L.A. before landing in Houston in 1953. She cannot remember a time when she didn’t love writing and drawing. As a six-year-old, she and her twin sisters used to write poem books. An English major, she graduated in 1965 from Newcomb College.Su has had poems published in The Tiresian (Tulane), ONTHEBUS, and Kauri. In 1965 she illustrated A Savage Peace with poems by Jack Grapes.Living with Parkinson’s Disease since 2006 has proved challenging but she still is inspired to do her watercolor paintings, play the piano, write, and spend cherished time with her double dapple dachshund Nuggi. Su has a daughter, Jennifer, who lives in Boulder, CO.

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