Kicking Toward the Deep End


Category: Contributors: Jack Grapes


2013 80pp

A full-color exploration of the artistic process of Los Angeles assemblage sculptor/poet Lisa Segal: poetry and prose intermingle and react with stunning photographs of her now-dismantled works which are too massive to maintain in their original form. This book addresses impermanence—and the role of the artist in creating it—in a thorough, genuine, and unforgettable way. If you have ever wanted to talk to an artist about their work but never felt you were allowed in, don’t give up: read this book.

The Author

Lisa Segal
Lisa Segal lives in Los Angeles with her husband Raymond. She studies art with Tom Wudl, writing with Jack Grapes, and dance with Gena Hoshihara. She has shown in various galleries around Los Angeles. Her poems have been published in ONTHEBUS, The Cultural Weekly, and FRE&D. She received her degree in Library and Information Science from UCLA.