The Alley Cat Readings 4


Category: Contributors: Jack Grapes, Michael Andrews


Works selected from three readings in the Summer of 1976 at the Alley Cat Restaurant. Groups represented in these readings are the Venice Poetry Workshop, The Women’s Workshop, and the Radical Poets Cooperative. Authors include Marcus J. Grapes, Jay Jenkins, Bob Greenfield, Priscilla Hood, Doraine Poretz, Cassius Sargent, Cheryl Schilling, Dennis Holt, Frances Dean Smith, Michael Tracy, Bonnie Desjardins, Chris Desjardins, Steve Lynn, Kita Shantiris, Bob Flanagan, Carol Marsh, Dave Schulman, Linda Backlund, Barry Simons, James Krusoe, Michael Andrews, Peter Kriener, Elliot Fried, Bruce MacCarter, Rod Bradley, Loren Paul Caplin, Dan Ilves, Sarah Rose Rolfe, Nancy Shiffrin, Jilly Laurens, Roger Taus, Ben Pleasants, Don Ford. Art (graphics and photos) by Sari Staggs (a color cutaway cover), Dick Miller (including a b&w foldout photo), Hella Hammid, Steven Snyder, Francisco McBride, Alice Villanueva Scott.