Save the Date


A limited edition chapbook of poems and art work.

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Category: Contributors: Jack Grapes


First Edition (Out of Print)
50 copies, 24 pages
12 paintings, 6 poems

Second Edition*
46 pages. 8.5″ x 5.5″
Limited printing of 50 numbered copies, contains 21 original paintings by author and 19 poems.

*Check with author for availability


I like all the art in Save the Day. I have it facing out from the bookcase where I keep Patchen’s Halleluiah Anyways and Blake’s illustrated books. Small good company. And the poetry as well. The speech driven language, like O’Hara’s and Bukowski’s, is deceptive in its familiarity. The voice is mature and insightful, without moralizing.The embedded tone is comic (and urgent) without resorting to observational cliches. I’d say the centerpiece poem, “Maps,” justifies all of my claims and more. The “lobster” and “Fed Ex” images building up to the extended details on gasoline station maps is a remarkable narrative of the poet’s recourse to imaginative meandering, always fused in the mutually, subterranean everyday
reflected sides of a poem.

Doren Robins, My Piece of the Puzzle
(Eastern Washington University, 2008)

Jack, last night I read your new chapbook from cover to cover. It’s wonderful. It’s so all of a piece — the “poems in the paintings” docking so beautifully into those places “the poems-not-in-paintings” and the “prose pieces” stake out. Or maybe it’s the other way ’round, “the poems-not-in-the-paintings” and “the prose pieces” are docking into “the poems-in-the-paintings,” or maybe that whole question of what docks into what is what the chapbook is about. It’s an exquisite meditation on what is the interior life, what is the exterior life, what exists above and what exists beyond those two places, and where is the beginning and where is the end. I’m so happy to have a copy.

Lisa Segal