The Border


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SKU: ISBN: 978-0-941017-05-3 Category: Contributors: Jack Grapes, Katharine Harer, Kita Shantiris, Lori Cohen


Katharine Harer, Lori Cohen, Kita Shantiris

Bombshelter Press, 1984 52pp

These three poets manage to reach beyond what is merely necessary in their lives and in their art–from the aggressive imagism of Lori Cohen’s work to the conversational vigor of Katharine Harer’s poems, to Kita Shantiris’s casual wit and intelligence. And whether we run from ourselves or the world, there is that place where paths must cross. The Border is a place to begin.

The Authors

Katharine Harer

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Lori Cohen

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Kita Shantiris

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Lori Cohen, Katharine Harer and Kita Shantiris cover The Border with consternation and cool eyes. Watch out, their poems tell us, there is catastrophe, and beauty, on all sides.

Jocelyn Fisher, Beyond Baroque Foundation