Perchance, in all your travels have you ever been to PITTSBURGH?


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First Edition
Limited to 750 copies. Aphrodesia Press, 1969. 122 pages. Illustrations by New Orleans artist Francisco McBride. Front and back cover mural included as a fold-out.



Grapes has been called an Everyman of poetry because his work cuts to the bone of basic human truth without the pretense that characterizes much of what passes for contemporary poetry. A Grapes poem travels as true as a bull’s-eye shot. This poet is no alienated artiste putting the onus of comprehension on his audience. What he has to say is too important. In doing so, he is in turn gentle and merciless, funny and brutal. Grapes is a 20th Century Diogenes, searching for the honest man within himself. He has no secrets except in telling them, no lies except in exposing them.

Sally Kalson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette