Trees, Coffee and the Eyes of Deer


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First Edition (Out of print)*
Bombshelter Press, 82 poems, 1987

Second Edition*
1995, 82 poems, 158 pgs, rare

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What I talk to Mexican poets, I find myself thumbing my dog-eared copies of Jack Grapes’ books to show what North American poetry can do at this moment. Grapes works himself sideways into a poem by beginning in an ordinary voice, and before you know it, total cosmic disaster is at hand. He honors his own difficulties and wrestles with encountered obscurity instead of smoothing it out with the delete key. His last book set apart from anything I saw published this year.

John Oliver Simon, Poetry Flash

He writes deceptively, inventing a constant voice voice — intimate, congenial, a voice you feel you can trust — until he flashes horror, jingling a cloth close to the eyes. I am the darkness within you all, writes Grapes. I will get you.

Robert Peters, Small Press Review/cite>

Grapes writes poems that operate somewhere in the middle ground between pop culture and philosophy.

David Ulin, L.A.Times Book Review Editor/cite>

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